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February 15, 2004


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Brett Bellmore

Even with greenhouses, plants are a terrifically inefficient way of converting sunlight into food, topping out at about 8%, and more typically in the 2-3% range. So there's considerable potential for substituting nanotech for most of the plant, feeding synthetically derived chemicals directly into the cells growing the edible portion of the plant. (Such a device might even be artistically designed to look like a plant.) This could boost the efficiency of agriculture by a factor of ten or more over even intensive greenhouse agriculture, while limiting water usage to that which actually ends up in the final food product. (Either directly as moisture, or indirectly in the synthisis of carbohydrates.) Such a device would be equally capable of manufacturing animal food products, too.

Though, realistically, there's no need at all for the solar energy collection and food production components to be in the same place, except for nostalga.

I wonder if there'd even be time to get all those greenhouses up, before the food replicators became available?

Mike Deering

Brett, nanotech plants, great idea! Food replicators, even better idea! Re-engineer the people so that they can utilize any available energy source and recycle the atoms, best idea!

Mr. Farlops

Well sure, when we have fully mature MNT we can replace the entirety of agriculture and power human bodies on DC current but what do we do before then? I think that's the question being posed here.

Greenhouses, aquaculture and hydroponics fairly lowtech ways for the developing world to improve their living standards before all the blue sky stuff shows up.

Mike Deering

Good point. While wasting our time dreaming about mature nanotechnology, we should be designing nanotech water purification devices and assemblers to build diamondoid greenhouses.

Alimorad Sarafrazi

The nanotechnology is not well known in Iran. To start using its advantages in agriculture it is needed to get enough information on its application in agriculture. I would like to start some studies on the application of nanotechnology in greenhouse. I need any available information in any format preferably in pdf format. It would be grateful if you send me any information available. Thank you so much for your help in advance.
All the best
DrAlimorad Srafrazi
Plant Pests & Diseases Res.Inst.
Evin/Tabnak St.
P.O.Box 19395-1454


Chris Phoenix, CRN

Dr. Srafrazi, it sounds like you are looking for near-term nanoscale technologies. That's not what we specialize in.

A search on Google found several of our pages, plus:
http://www.foresight.org/UTF/Unbound_LBW/chapt_8.html (more molecular manufacturing)

(nanoscale tech)

(more nanoscale tech)


ALireza Rezazadeh

Dear Dr.
Im from Shahed Univ.(Tehran)
in our uinversity , Tha nano group is growing, and im a member of this group in field of Agriculture.
I would be glad if we work some study in this field
my Ph. no.
Office 55277514

Mike Treder, CRN

Cool! I'm glad that our blog can serve as a way for people throughout the world to make useful connections.

M.Damodhara Rao

Dear Prof/Dr.

'NANOTECHNOLOGY', It is a very interesting and promissing technology for Agriculture. I would like to learn more about NANO. If any one has research material, please send me. I am a research scholar of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, specialized in Soil and Water Conservation Engineering. I would like to work with the research group which concerns the applications of NANO in Agriculture.
Thank you

M.Damodhara Rao
Research Scholar
Department of Agricultural and Food Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology
Kharagpur-721 302, West Bengal, India
Phone: +91-9434368962


Dear Doctor,
I am very much interested in the application of nanotechnology in Agriculture. Kindly let me know the future developments in this field.
I am working as Associate Professot at the college of Agriculture vellayani under Kerala Agricultural University At Trivandrum,Kerala India


What exactly is a nanotech water filter? I would be very interested to find out. What kind of filtration technology does it use?

Carisa Frost

Nanotechnology is a growth industry, ironically touted as 'the next big thing." However, nanoscale science, research, and manufacture present a complex and entirely new set of circumstances and situations never before faced by society.

I invite everyone interested in learning more to join us for the NABIS Conference, an important one day symposium featuring experts representing law, science, social science, business, medicine/healthcare, education - and ethics. Compelling issues surrounding nanotechnology will be explored in the context of currently available information.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006 (early arrival reception on March 28)

76 East Monroe St., Chicago, IL 60603
Michigan Room, 2ND floor

For more information,visit the NABIS web site at: www.NABISConference.com/2006, or contact Mary Beth Rebedeau, NABIS Managing Director, at (708) 361-6000 ext. 204, or [email protected]

amir naqibi

hi Dr.
i am amir naqibi.i am from iran.i am student in the petrolium university of technology.
i am working on the water purification with nanotechnology.i would be glad if you help me in this researching.my email address is [email protected].
thank you


Dear sir,
Is there any way to improve the yield of a plant by nano technology?If some paper published in this field please send to me.

Saeed Ziaei-nejad

Dear sir,
Please send me any information about application of nanotechnology in aquaculture.

Dr Raghavendra Singh

Dear Sir,
I am interested to know about the nano technology and its importance in agriculture. kindly send me the information regarding.


lease send application nano in agri....


I am going to start research in the field of plant biotechnology. these days i am preparing research proposal, in which i want to apply nanoparticles(Q dots( on a plant. if anybody have some material on this topic, please send it to me, i will be thankfull.

heba alfares

Dear Dr.
I am going to start research in the field of plant biotechnology. these days i am preparing research proposal, in which i want to apply nanoparticles on a plant. if anybody have some material on this topic, please send it to me specially on seed germination can i found any research paper to help me in my proposal, i will be thankfull.

Dr. T. S. Khuspe

Dear Sir,
I am interested to know about the nano technology and its importance in agriculture. kindly send me the information regarding.


Dear Sir,
PLZ help me for interested to know about the nanotechnology and its importance in aquaculture and also send me the information about done work university.


sir please send me about the use of nanotechnology in precision farming
and its general appliactions in agriculture


..this is grreat..!I have not read it yet, but when I do, I will let you know what I think.

Dr s. Elamathi

I am working scientist iam interested to know more about nanotechnology application in agriculture kindly send material

Dr T C M Naidu

I am Plant Physiologis. I would like to know the possibility of increasing the productivity of crops using nanotechnology.

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