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January 17, 2007


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Chris – I would suggest that given the broad scope of the three projects and the expertise that has assemble them, there is a bright beacon of hope for great developments to come. One of the most interesting aspects of this whole process is that not once in the discussions was there any consideration of cost, only benefit, whether it was commercial or community or both.
The funding process is interesting given that diverse locations of the project participants. It is to be hoped that not too much is spent on commuting. One of the advantages of course is that the distances are small compared to a North American context.
One proposal I would thus make, the Sandpit process is to be repeated here, we should consider not only using the process for the initial hashing of ideas but also the development as well.
A flash of an idea bounced across the floor of the Safeway Centre last evening – Why not build a lab which can not only be used for internal exploration and creation, but also as a location where other can come to create, just a thought.

Chris Phoenix, CRN

RedSevenOne, I have wondered why the teenagers next door spend thousands of dollars and thousands of hours on their car, but they would never think of getting some inexpensive lab equipment and doing research in some understudied field.

As to the Ideas Factory--I proposed an online ongoing lightweight design over on their blog. It would allow proposals to be developed and rated interdisciplinarily, bounced around until they were funded (or were rejected too many times).


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