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October 11, 2006


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I can't see that really happening until we have something outside the Earth that forces us to think of ourselves as one family.

Could be something as dramatic as finding intelligent life elsewhere, or as 'simple' as a self-sustaining colony off-Earth somewhere.

Without something to identify as 'outside' it's really hard to decide what constitutes 'inside'.

Karl Gallagher

Following up on Andrew, I think we have a good chance of cohering into a planet with two human families, each pursuing different goals. Given human nature I can't see them merging until an outside contact.

Tom Craver

Language is a major barrier - we can overlook differences like religion, appearance, and so on (at least some of us can) - but if we can't understand someone, it's impossible to fully trust them and think of them as "one of us".

Realtime machine translation of speech might get us an approximation of the effects of a common language - that's essentially the approach attempted by the UN.

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