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October 03, 2006


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I think one of the main reasons why scientist like to play with DNA is because it is easier to predict and engineer than proteins.

I have wondered why, if there are so many interesting things that can be made with DNA, didn't evolution use it as a building material too? There might be an answer from computer programming where I think there is a word for the practice of segregating code from data. If I understand correctly when the two are mixed you often get strange results. Ribosomes in a cell might get confused if they tried to read merely structural DNA as opposed to data DNA.

Chris Phoenix, CRN

DNA doesn't have as many side chains as protein.

You may be onto something with the code/data segregation.

Of course evolution does use RNA as a building tool. Ribozymes; and some of the ribosome is RNA. I can't offhand remember a way in which DNA is used for building.


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