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August 28, 2006


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Thanks for that answer Mike, it was good to have you on the site.

We broke into 1,000+ plus hits territory today for the first time (well we've been there before but we're not counting the times we got Boing Boinged). Cheers for the nudge over the top.

Michael Anissimov

Global benevolent dictatorship or Friendly AI, they're the only long-term solutions to dealing with MNT.

John B

Or other forms of dictatorship, or perhaps a malthusian 'solution', Michael. *sour grin*

Phillip Huggan

A MNT sensor treaty would only be a dictatorship over ultra-low temperature and ultra-high vacuum environments (analogous to an Arms Treaty rather than a wrold government). Dumb AI sensors connected via a quantumly encrypted network.

With the friendly AI, the main risk is that a program assumed to be friendly turns out to be Skynet.
A MNT dictatorship imposes high tyranny and WWIII risks.
A MNT sensor treaty imposes low tyranny and moderate WWIII risks (at the cost of lower arms control efficacy than dictatorship facilitates).

Chris Phoenix, CRN

Phillip, I repeat: vacuum/cryo is not the only way to develop MM.


Chris Phoenix, CRN

Sorry, that was a bit rude, especially since I didn't read all the comments before writing it. I see you've continued the discussion in another thread, defending your position, and I've given an answer there.


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