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July 19, 2006


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Richard Eckert

Lockheed Martin to Design Nano Air Vehicle
Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories in Cherry Hill, NJ has been assigned by a defense contractor to design a remote-controlled nano air vehicle (NAV) to collect military intelligence on urban battlefields. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency awarded the company a $1.7 million contract to design the tiny information gathering devices. Lockheed Martin’s team will design a device about the size and shape of a maple tree seed that will weigh 0.35 ounces.

The NAV is expected to fly using a one-bladed wing design and chemical rocket. The device will rotate in flight like a falling maple seed with its path guided by camera control. The NAV will transmit images that can be received by a small, handheld display. With an anticipated range of about 1,100 yards, the NAV will fly back to its controller for collection. Lockheed will use the contract to fund designing for prototypes of the NAV engine, airframe and flight control and communications systems. - Joao-Pierre Ruth

Rocky Rawstern

Not Nano:

"DARPAs Nano Air Vehicle (NAV) Program is a technology development and integration program to demonstrate the capability to develop an extremely small (<5 cm), ultra-lightweight (<10g) air vehicle capable of both hover and forward flight while carrying a 2 gram pay-load."


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