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July 04, 2006


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John B

*chuckle* Great, all we have to do is kill off the most warlike half of the population. *wry grin* Probably not how you meant it but...


Jake Blande

It's very odd, reading CRN weblog's you guys seem more interested in human nature than nanotechnology. You use nanotechnology as just another "plot device" to emphasize human deficiencies. Maybe you should call your center the Center for Responsible Human's.

Chris Phoenix, CRN

Jake, there's a grain of truth in that. We see molecular manufacturing as a major amplifier of human nature. Human nature includes some pretty nasty parts, so we are quite concerned about the implications of amplifying it. Collective human nature, whether hierarchy or mob, can be even worse than individual human nature.


Jake Blande


I have to agree, human nature can at times be horrific. It needs to be addressed. Molecular Nanotech can be an amplifier of sorts, but to really deal with the issues at hand , the nature of Man needs to be addressed more so than the technology.

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