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May 05, 2006


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Actually a personal tiny implanted chip is being developed that can monitor your health and send info to your doctor by email if anything unsual occurs. In the not so distant future rather than waiting for the disease to develop and then treat it the disease will be diagnosed and prevented before it even becomes a tumour or lesion, pharma/biotech companies are already working on prenvetive medicine than treatment medicines, 2 new vaccines for cervical cancer will be out in 2007, the second most deadly cancer in women. I'm pretty sure we'll see new cancer vaccines by 2020 for almost all sorts of cancers, or atleast preventive medicine and no more treatment medicine.

But I also fear that people will let themselves go when there is new miracle drugs that would fix everything, I mean who would want to excercise when you could take a drug for 2 weeks and you'll lose all the weight, or eat anything you want and lower your cholestrol in a week, I know I wouldn't and I excercise quite alot to be in shape, I believe people will get much lazier with new life style drugs just like how people got lazier when cars,internet,fast food and other such things were invented, thats why we're fatter than ever.


People don't turn lazy because of technology. Technology only allows people that already ARE lazy to BEHAVE lazy. It kind of brings the laziness to daylight. This is a difference that actually matters.

Remember that being lazy sort of means that you only do what is necessary for survival, like preparing a meal and eating it, otherwise you would of course starve to death. However, if someone prepares it for you, then you can save time and energy, which is desirable evolution-wise and, in a globalized world, desirable employer-wise. Of course, the fast-food kind of laziness brings other issues with it that might be worse in the long run, but that's another story.

Almost all people are lazy to a certain degree. Or what was the last time you assembled your own car, with materials you mined and refined yourself, after blue prints you developed totally independent? Since you probably can't do it, do you generally consider buying a car a luxury? If you could do it, would you consider it lazy to not do it?

It's just a matter of how much of your life you "outsource" to technology and/or other people, and your standards. One man's sluggard might be another man's Duracell bunny.

I'm sure that even in a world of body-fat burning pills that actually work and without side effects at that, there will be a significant number of people that will work out nonetheless, because there is a lot more to going to a gym and working out than just shaping one's body. Fast-Food didn't kill the profession or the hobby of cooking. The Internet won't kill TV, printed books, or social interaction. Cars didn't kill bikes or walking, at least not outside the USA I guess.

But I really can't think of a reason why a cure-all pill (for directly life-threatening diseases of body, not fashion-dependant/life-style nuisances) would be a terribly bad idea, except if it is abused to blackmail individuals or groups or whole nations. Power/technology abuse is a way bigger problem than the apparent laziness of some people or other people's moral indignation.

By the way, obesity has a lot more factors contributing to it than the ones you named. Not the least of the real reasons is relative poverty. Studies have found a strong inverse correlation between obesity and income/social status in the USA and other countries. The Wikipedia article is pretty comprehensive IMHO. Naming "The car/Internet/whatever has been invented" as a single reason is oversimplifying and probably can't be shown.

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