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April 28, 2006


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Phillip Huggan

I am confused where to post my comments about theses essays. I read all of the first batch. They were interesting and I had some comments. But I'm not gonna cross-post to wise-nano, CRN, and KurzweilAI.

Mike Treder, CRN

Phillip, good question...

For comments on the essays as a whole, please post them on this blog.

For comments on individual essays, our preference is that you post them on the KurzweilAI discussion board associated with each essay.

To propose additions or revisions to the text of an essay, or to make other suggestions to the essay author, please use Wise-Nano.

An easy link to Kurzweil and Wise-Nano essay locations is here.

Jan-Willem Bats

I'm looking forward to ideas on the needed new economy.

Wikipedia tells me that abundance economies usually maintain artificial scarcity.

I sure hope that, if we turn out to do that, life will still become cheaper than it is now.

I don't feel like working my butt off for decades to achieve financial independance. I'd rather have it a little sooner than that.

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