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March 23, 2006


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Everyone will make free complicated billion dollar R&D intensive machinery and free feedstocks and free designs of products to be made in personal factories free because as we all know companies,scientists and all other inventors work for the love of humanitarian services free of charge. Also everything will be so easy to build because as we all know from the thousands of MM prototypes littering labs the machine works with absolutely no issues, it can be built at home with some glue,microscopic robotic arms and a software program, the rest is just pushing a button to create a free product which design is made by corporations working for love not money.

Since everything is gonna be free of charge and takes seconds to build, I plan to build a 700 million acre house with my own airport in it, and 5000 ferraris which Ferrari corporation will give me the blueprints for free of course oh and since everything takes 5 minutes to build for 1 penny I also plan to make my own nuclear bomb,robotic army and a pistol that has the power to shoot a nuclear bomb, so then I can take over the world, I can't wait for molecular manufacturing, I'm so excited, free stuff and anything I demand, its like my own genie, wow.

Chris Phoenix, CRN

I don't think we said the products would be free.

If you spent as much time looking at the numbers as you did writing humor, you'd see what we're actually talking about. You could probably have a personal near-sonic or maybe supersonic airplane. That airplane might be built in a few hours for a few dollars per kilogram. Tell me where my Primitive Nanofactory paper is incorrect, and I'll retract it.


Mike Deering

DT, I get to breath the air for free. I can get a free glass of water most places near where I live. The sunshine that falls on me is free. A great amount of information is free over the internet. It's true that I pay a lot of money for internet access, but that doesn't go to the information providers. For instance, reading and posting comments on this blog doesn't cost me anything. I can download a bunch of multimedia entertainment for free. Maybe not the latest song or movie, but a lot of older stuff.

After nanofactories become available there will be a huge market for design files, similar to but larger than the market for music files today. There will be many competing businesses producing and selling and copy protecting these files, but there will be even more people producing and distributing designs for free, just like web pages today. The general quality of the professionally produced files will likely be better, but the freeware files will be useful and good enough to satisfy basic needs.

I own a half acre lot (I wish I owned more) so I have a half acre of free solar energy. I can put in a well for water and use the carbon out of the air or dirt for diamondoid feedstock (after processing). I expect to abandon the money economy after I get a nanofactory of my own. On the other hand, I may move to the asteroid belt where sunshine and raw materials are plentiful.

Brian Wang

Living off the grid is not crazy. It costs abbout $23000 for a 2000 sf home


Solar power is near a tipping point. It it gets to $1 per watt for installed panels it should takeoff without subsidies. Right now the best values are at about $3 per watt installed.

Wind power is already well on the way as cost competitive. 5% of UK power by 2010.

You can get a lot now relative to a wealthy person in the past. So it is not crazy to say that in the future someone who is not so rich can get what only the wealthy could get before.

A fab lab costs about $16000-20000

In 1900, a wealthy man would have his own newspaper and printing presses. Now cheap blogs and high volume laser printers $300-1000. Higher end if you want color.

A wealthy guy could hire a maid. Now you can spend $200 for an iRobot broomba.

The latest robot hobbyist

Robot tech is advancing

Business jets are coming down in price to around $2 million.

If you are actually pretty rich now, you can buy Migs an assemble an air force.

It would not be that expensive for someone motivated to put together a personal collection of unmanned flying vehicles and robotic security.

Suborbital flights coming for about $100K. Orbital flights to follow.

btw: there is a mass affluent class arising. Middle class is splitting.

Brian Wang

Something to point out from the Wired article. An L39 Soviet tactical jet fighter can be had for about $300,000. You just have to shop smart.

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