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February 22, 2006


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Rajesh Reddy

Will u plz tell me whether nanotechnology deals only with manufacturing of small(micro or nano) components or components of macro size as well.And if it deals with production of macro components then what are the advantages of nano technology over the conventional manufacturing techniques.Thank you?

Chris Phoenix, CRN

Today's nanotech uses big machines to make stuff, so it can only make small engineered products, or large products that are homogeneous or random.

When the manufacturing systems get small and exponential manufacturing starts to work, then it will be possible to make large engineered intricate products.

Small machines have higher power density and functional density due to scaling laws. These advantages persist if you build a big product using huge numbers of small machines.

Atomically precise surfaces can be free of wear and static friction. Molecular construction can be extremely repeatable, in process and result. This means that billions of machines can be built, and most of them can work for decades. Even very basic redundant design can allow huge aggregates of mostly-reliable machines to work with excellent reliability.

Hope this helps...


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