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September 27, 2005


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Mike Deering

"I've already purchased a ticket. "

Mike Treder

You have? How much was it? Where can I get one?


I recommend CRN takes a look at and gets involved in the Liftport Group Forums if schedule allows. In the science and technology sub-forum (easily the largest sub-forum) they have some very friendly, disciplined and fruitful technical discussions. In the larger threads that discuss an idea in deeper detail, they actually use formulas *gasp*! I'm certain they could use come expertise on materials, which they generally seem to lack a little, because as they write, they are more oriented toward the space mechanics, less toward the materials.

Mike Treder, CRN

Matt: Thanks for the pointer to the Liftport Forums. We'll check it out.

Mike Deering: The ticket comment was a joke -- but if they were selling tickets, I'd be buying!


Hey, I apologize for the multiple trackbacks to this post! I made some minor edits to my post after it went up and I guess the darn thing kept pinging your site. Sorry about that.

But, thanks for the article...it was quite interesting.

Mike Treder, CRN

No problem, Eric. Ping us any time.

Joe Julian

I know this is an oooooold post, but since you seemed interested...

The tickets go on sale soon. We're selling them as novelty items. We wanted to sell actual lift tickets, but there's too many "if"s at this stage. Legally, if we sold "tickets," we could be sued if we didn't honor them "on time."

As Mike Deering was asking, we'll be selling them at our target cargo price of $25/oz.

You also might be interested in our book, LiftPort: The Space Elevator: Opening Space To Everyone on sale now in our store.

Mike Treder, CRN

Hm, let's see, at $25/oz...I weigh about 200 pounds, so that would be...$80,000.

That's one-way, I suppose, and without any luggage...so, I guess I'd better start a savings account!

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