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July 10, 2005


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Sure, the above works. But it is the human element which has not been accounted for. What criterion should be used to select "approved technicians"? Will they have to be monitored in their private lives; if not, how to prevent proliferation from them? How to deal with people independantly figuring out MM? With MM technology, the physical security of authorized fab-plants should be trivially easy.

jim moore

I have a better idea. Air Ship Nano-Factories. You have a few million very large floating nano-fabricators, they are solar powered and get their carbon from carbon dioxide in the air. You are sitting (any where in the world) interacting with the wireless web, you finish with your design ( or find the design you want), then send in your order to the nearest factory. It makes your object and drops it (via a smart parachute or UAV) into your hands.

I think that Air Ship Nano-Factories could preserve most of the connivence of home base nano-factories with out a need for in-house monitoring.

I would like the infrastructure of the future to be wireless, pipeless, and roadless. Widely distributed/ conveniently accessible nano-factories need to a part of that.

Tom Craver

Sounds a bit like my proposal to centralize just the atomically precise nanoblock-making factories, but far less convenient for users.

It reminds me of an old SF story about an inventor in Soviet Russia, mentioning another inventor whose great idea was a highly efficient mass production can-opener, located in easy walking distance...

I presume the idea is that it would also have only a fixed repertoire of designs - else one could simply load a wolf-in-sheep-skin design into the system and walk off with it. Sounds like a socialist's 5-year-plan dream - tight control for the "citizens", but of course you can trust the government - they're just there to help...

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