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July 13, 2005


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michael vassar

Funny, back when I was doing soft lithography at NIST 5 years ago there were already reports (by Whitesides I believe) of producing features closer to 30nm than to 60. On the other hand, I only learned 5 techniques, so it seems likely that the toolkit has expanded even if no significant quantitative improvments have occurred. I saw some potential apps for soft litho, but generally doubt that it will lead to anything revolutionary. There are lots of ways to do microfluidics, and the resins I was using were not that flexible in their potential. The only place where it really seemed that they might have comparitive advantage about them is that softness might potentially enable the production of cavities or pores with far better than angstrom resolution, as many bonds could be slightly bent to tune things precisely.


Nanotechnology is something I am against!!!!!! It has been around for too long and needs to be stopped. Our world will no longer be safe! What is a personal life, anymore? Technology is getting into the hands of Scientists who use it to harm lives!

Janessa Ravenwood

G-Girl: Well, your pathetic ignorance is certainly good for a laugh. Been around for too long? Aside from basic nanoparticles, it’s still being developed! And the rest of your Luddite rant is nonsensical. Nice to know the level of intelligence of the opposition – none to speak of.

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