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July 06, 2005


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jim moore

If you combine the postings on Ocean Acidification, Global Warming, and Peak Oil you realize that we only have two possible sources of energy for the future; Solar and Nuclear. Using oil, coal, methane hydrates, or tar sands would make carbon dioxide problem worse. Ideally this should simplify the policy options. We need a global agreement to phase out the use of fossil fuels. I think the most efficient way to do that is gradually but continuously increase the cost of the non-carbon neutral sources of energy. A 1% per month increase in the cost of fossil fuels should give the marketplace enough certainty and incentive to make the investments necessary to replace fossil fuels, in a fairly rapid time frame of ~20 years.

*note* I consider wind, hydro-electric, wood, bio-gas and bio diesel to be forms of solar energy not just photovoltaic and solar thermal.

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