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January 21, 2005


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jim moore

The challenge that we, as a species, face due to the emergence of a radical nanotechnology (of either the Drexler version or the Jones version) would be difficult in the best of times. Unfortunately the international situation has dramatically deteriorated in the last four years and will be unlikely to improve in the next several years. With the United States being increasingly seen as a rouge superpower and with the massive US budget deficit impearling our economic prospects and the development of 4th generation warfare (see John Robb’s excellent blog http://globalguerrillas.typepad.com/globalguerrillas/ for an in depth understanding of the tactics of asymmetrical warfare.) I am profoundly pessimistic about the environment in witch we are developing radical nanotechnology.

Brett Bellmore

Could be worse, we could be a rogue superpower instead...

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