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December 08, 2004


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Karl Gallagher

I actually sold an article about flying cars a few months back. Go ahead and google the term--there's been lots built. One even got FAA certification. Nobody buys them. A flying car is a worse car than any real car and a worse plane than any plane, plus it costs more than both put together. So people buy a car and a plane and switch between them. Likewise, lots of people own a car and a boat but nobody's buying new amphibious vehicles except the USMC. MNT may make it possible to just do everything you need with a VTOL, but roadable flying cars will never be popular.

jim moore

Has a simple design for VTOL aircraft. It is slow and kind of ugly but seems to work.

Brett Bellmore

I think the chief obstacle to flying cars is simply this: While the death toll from auto accidents is horrific, we chose when we're subject to it; Cars don't come randomly crashing through our living rooms. If we drove aircars, however, accidents could drop one through your ceiling.

So they'll have to be very reliable before they can get past regulators. (In fact, if you invented ground cars today, I don't think you could get regulatory approval for them they're so obviously dangerous.)

Mike Treder, CRN

As moderator, I deleted a comment above from "Tyler" that included a link to a commercial site. That is not the purpose of this blog.

Maria Saucedo

I think that flying cars are a terific idea in one way becouse when your in an emergencey youll get faster and becouse all the teenagers that are having acsidents that would help allot. But in another way it wont help becouse some people could bredly drive in a regular car and imagine in a flying car, and besides it would cost too much that I dont think anybody would buy it but I think its a good idea.


Flying cars have always been a part of indian mythology,being an indian i was truly fascinated by this article . I believe that using nanotechnology and related fields we can easily build small rotary turbines which can easily lift the car and travel long distances.This can happen in the near future ,so keep your eyes and ears open.



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