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October 22, 2004


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Please remember that many people, if they even know about MNT, are not easily convinced that it is possible. I´ve often experienced it, even with fellow students of computer sciences, which I believed are most receptible for the idea of the digital control of matter. Discussing the effects of MNT is important, but we should not forget: first things first. Currently the people discussing MNT on Wise-Nano are about the same people that discuss MNT on the CRN blog. The favourite topics almost exclusively cover effects or advanced devices. With first things first I mean: before discussing effects, or at least at the same time, we should build the case for technical fesibility to convince the "other" public, or the discussion of effects might appear detached. So I would like to remind all of us, and especially the technically/scientifically trained, of the category Arguments against Molecular Manufacturing, in which I have already posed a number of hypothetical questions (that indeed have come up in one or the other form), most of which await being answered, and all of which await being answered in detail.
What is your opinion on this?

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