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August 01, 2004


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Well the " to do lists " is they interesting subject and in the covers a great deal of ground one could speculate upon receiving the molecular assembler what one went to in the first few days the construction of new cars, trucks, houses, recreational vehicles and so forth one thing to know it is the availability of designs for useful products I feel strongly based on the past that design availability will be large in deed. In the past when hardware became available software soon followed good examples are the myriad of small software programs available in the '80s for use in DOS applications and routines for word processing and spreadsheet applications I must've have seen thousands of small routines written for specific tasks and problems for the PCs of the time when "the wish box" becomes available given a few month delay in accessibility to everyone they should provide ample time for many designs of useful products to be available for download one interesting point is the possibility of a "copy" button to be present in he modular assembler. That is if you wish a copy of your toothbrush simply place your toothbrush in the assembler, press the copy button a moment later take your toothbrush out, press the print button and you'll have a second toothbrush. If this feature is available in the first generation molecular assembler's and as noted in the past the molecular assembler can be scaled to size that is if you received a small 2' by 2' assembler you'll be able to replicate a copy of the assembler to say a 3' by 3' foot version with a steady increase in size per generation assembler is large enough to manufacture and or copy automobiles with a two-hour replication time will be available if you received the assembler in the morning by late afternoon. A garage size assembler perhaps 20' by 20' and a rich friends Cadillac well one can see the progression even given the likelihood of restrictions in manufacture i.e. one cannot replicate oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and perhaps water. It would take only a few hours to prepare a vehicle prior to the copy command for the vehicle to be ready to be copy then fluids can be added to the new copy as needed and a diamond version of the Cadillac is available. It should be noted that once a copy file has been created this file can be downloaded to the Internet although the file may be quite substantial in size given the advances in Internet access speed and performance one could envision the file could be downloaded easily also one can also see a scenario where multiple garages size assembler is operating at the same time could produce a very large number of vehicles in a very short period of time as I'm sure you can all imagine.

In passing I do recall a few comments made early on in the software writing that occurred one of these comments was a fundamental believe that all software should be free of cost one should pay for hardware but software should be freely distributed come on all users and indeed in the beginning this was the case and many many files where traded amongst programmers of the '70s early '80s. We are immediately confronted with the copyright laws when one wishes to copy said Cadillac and we're left with a dilemma as to how to proceed on the one hand given the safety increases in design if the decision came to a vote I would vote for a well-designed safe vehicle to be available for download for free after all if said vehicle was available to everyone on the road we could probably save 50,000 plus lives a year ended my opinion these lives outweigh the needs of a few companies producing automobiles today.

Continuing with the discussion on copyright laws I do not believe for a moment that any administration restricting the availability of useful products for download will be able to be maintained in my opinion the only individuals that are being restricted in such a scenario on a very poor as they do not have the capital i.e. money to pay for the files that would be needed to construct said vehicle is also my opinion that this is morally wrong to restrict an individual purely because he cannot afford to purchase a copy of the vehicle software. It is and has always been my position, to stand against the
market economy and will be very happy to see it fail and fall to the wayside post molecular assembler.

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