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August 24, 2004


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Today I would like to make some sort of positive statement in reference to MNT. As over the last few days, while reviewing my comments today, I have noted a great deal of negativity in my past remarks. So we come to what to say that is positive. I am looking for comparisons in history to use as practical visions of the future. But as we know and many have stated molecular nanotechnology is a and unprecedented change and contributing technology for change. So all previous vestiges of change pale in comparison to what is coming.

One point I feel is somewhat encouraging is the issue of potential wrongdoers exploiting the new technology. It is my general believe that the vast majority of people possessing the capabilities granted them by unrestricted MNT will continue to act in a morale and reasonable manner. This assumes a pre-existing state of reasonable peace throughout the world on day one of deployment of molecular assembler's. I would make a second reservation that availability of food is freely available to everyone everywhere. I would also like to address the issue of land and land availability for the individual. If unrestricted MNT were deployed and a quantity of food and land are available to the individual with clear guidelines of use through education of all peoples. I would in general feel comfortable with the new technology and its ramifications.

My justifications for this position are mostly based on the numbers. The numbers being the number of criminals currently imprisoned throughout the world. And the number of mentally unstable individuals hospitalized throughout the world. It is my opinion that the vast majority of criminal activity is based on the individuals believe that by committing a crime he or she will gain some sort of material benefit. We also see a considerable quantity of crime in United States at least in reference to the current drug laws predominant here. These issues boil down to personal freedom which will be greatly enhanced with the new technology. We're left with a core group of violent criminals and mentally unstable individuals this group in my opinion represents a troubling aspect of society. Although I'm not that familiar with the actual numbers I would think we're dealing with less than one percent of the general population when we identify individuals that by the very nature will manipulate the new technology and cause great harm. Once this group has been identified it seems reasonable they can be dealt with in a moral and justified manner whether that includes continuing imprisonment or some other option I will leave that to others to decide.

So to reiterate in general the individuals I know, that is my friends and family, as well as many of my business relationships I would feel comfortable with them possessing unrestricted MNT technology. On another point it should be noted that it takes to opposing forces to have a conflict. So I would ask the question who is the individual going to fight in this potential conflict. If in a general sense all the peoples of the world are equal and capable of doing and going anywhere they desire. These individuals are also capable of creating quantities of food and possess comfortable dwellings. If these individuals are left alone to function normally without regulation. Then we are left with a situation where it is difficult to see where the conflict would come from that would cause the potential hardships we are anticipating with the new technology.

So I would recommend we identify individuals using some sort of moral outline this outline should disregard individuals crimes that only harm themselves and crimes that are committed only to gain material benefit. Removing the remaining group from utilizing the new technology seems reasonable. Also granting freedom to everyone everywhere and totally quality to all people. So if we remove individuals most likely to cause harm and grant freedom by removing restrictions to everyone else we will minimize the possibility of great harm caused from the new technology. This I feel would be the most we as the people can do and from there I would hope for the best.

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