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August 25, 2004


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Ok this is what we should do.

First developed this replicator

1. A exponential general-purpose molecular manufacturing device
2. utilizing widely available carbon diamond based materials for replication
3. efficiency at mass duplication of two hours
4. containing a extensive in unit database of the useful products numbering in the 100,000 plus range
5. offering a user-friendly AutoCAD verbal input computer aided design application for development of new useful products
6. A "secure" network protocol should be implemented for exchanging new and useful products has developed throughout the world

Once this replicator is designed it should be duplicated and distributed to all mankind everyone everywhere.

Education should be continuous an ongoing to everyone emphasizing a peaceful coexistence. A reaffirmation of the current legal system should be reiterated to everyone everywhere. That is it from their we should all hope for the best.

Any additional restrictions no matter how reasonable, and equitable they may seem in the beginning will simply cause a discrepancy between equality and result in eventual loss of life through conflict.

As part of ongoing education to everyone everywhere it should be noted that if someone feels they are not benefiting or are in some way restricted in there current location they are free to go somewhere where they will find the freedom they are searching for whether that the the oceans above in or below or space or the north or South Pole or some other location somewhere on or off world. If in the event of a country governments wishing to hold its people prisoner this issue will have to be addressed by the other world states as these issues are addressed today. In the beginning attention should be given to distribution and availability of food for the masses if this can be maintained then I anticipate a smoother transition to the new lifestyle. Also given the numbers of individuals owning land in the United States and other countries it is likely that we can address this issue and the through a voting process which has been long standing changes can be made to reasonably distribute or make available land holdings to everyone. As to what to do with individuals who wish to break the current legal system is individuals should be dealt with as they have been in the past it might be prudent however to militarize all local and regional police agencies to ensure adequate protection to all people.

Mr. Farlops

Confounding the issue are those that deny that assemblers are even possible, let alone worthy of regulation.

I think I might be just a touch more negative than Mike and Chris. Many great things will result from MNT but I don't think regulation will be able to keep up or anticipate all the effects. It's going to be messy, gritty and surprising no matter what we do.

Please don't assume that I think we should do nothing! To do nothing would make things far, far worse. I'm just saying that even with our best efforts surprises will occur.

Having said all that, on to concrete suggestions:

I think the CRN should set aside money and resources to go to Washington DC and counter the views espoused by the NanoBusiness Alliance with proof that assemblers and nano-factories are feasible and should be planned for.

This should also be done internationally in Japan, Europe, South Korea, etc. Policy makers should be convinced that MNT is feasable and should be regulated.

Then start proposing concrete regulations and offer them to policy makers at all levels.

Perhaps at the same time, work has to be done to increase CRN's credibility. Mike and Chris might be very well informed and quite well meaning but, they are just two people. This a PAC does not make! They just aren't enough to implement the what I am suggesting above.

They'll need to be in multiple locations and at multiple policy debates. They'll need copy editors, technical writers, lawyers, admins, reporters, volunteers and on and on.

So to sum up:

1) Increase staff, increase credibility.
2) Work to convince policy makers of the feasibility of MNT.
3) Create concrete regulatory proposals for lawmakers. Fill the vacuum of ignorance before someone else does.

Anything less is just pointless debating on a blog.

Karl Gallagher

Debating on a blog isn't necessarily pointless. It's a good forum for testing ideas to destruction before they're put in the political arena. Provided the debate uses logic, referenced facts, stated premises, and honest responses to criticisms. CRN's done pretty well at that.

At least compared to the other debates of today, where ad hominem and non sequiter seem to be the tactics of choice.

Chris Phoenix, CRN

Todd: You seem to be assuming that people will start out in a state of relative equality and freedom. You talk of handling oppressive states "the way they're handled today."

Look at the Sudan genocide.

As we transition into dealing with nanotech, we will have to account for all existing social structures. Today, it's fair to say that "Famines don't kill people, people kill people." But I recently read that 24,000 people still die of hunger every day.

After 9/11, people in Ireland realized that terrorism was just not OK anymore. They stopped. Some of the terrorists went to other continents to continue being terrorists.

Look into the history of marijuana regulation in the U.S. before you assume that it'll be easy to grant people personal freedom. The original opposition came from a special-interest group. Why have the laws been perpetuated and augmented? Even in states where referendums indicate they're not wanted?

I could go on, but this is too depressing. My point is that simply designing a nice future is not enough. You have to figure out how to get there from here.


Chris Phoenix, CRN

Tom: Are you offering to coordinate a staff increase? And find us some funding to support it?

This is a serious question.



Well one thing we can both agree on Chris is the future is coming whether we are ready for it or not. As to the issue of marijuana I have in a previous post brought forth the idea of releasing nonviolent drug-related criminals whose only crime was against themselves. As to the issues of terrorism is my opinion the vast majority of terrorists wish to change the group in power or alter this group's influence and policy. The underlining reasoned for this wish for change is because the terrorists sees the country or government as opposing his or her beliefs whether they are freedom, religion, or governmental. There are no easy solutions to this problem and I have little positive input that I can give here and now. I would point out from the standpoint of recruitment it is likely if the situation improves dramatically in many of the terrorists states where individuals willing to commit terrorism will diminish. This unfortunately likely be augmented by the considerable increase in power gained for the remaining core group of terrorists.

We could look at each individual case where terrorism has taken hold and flourished. One of these is the United States continuing support of Israel. In a post molecular assembler world that support would be unnecessary as Israel would be able to utilize the technology and become self-sufficient.

Looking at repressive states as their general populace will possess considerable power and self-sufficiency through the use of the new technology even if this technology is utilized only in a black-market situation the resulting changes will ease the burden on the common man living in this country. I am sitting here wondering if I had everything I wanted and all the food I could eat and could freely move anywhere in this country. Would I care what policies my government imposed on myself and my neighbors. I will give this some more thought and get back to you in the future.:)

It is also my opinion that in the future post molecular assembler will see a significant decrease in the overall power possessed by the governments of the world as their influence begins to fallaway due to a lack of trade and exchange of goods. Also we will see a decrease number of governmental employees as sectors of any and all governments become obsolete. Indeed I would wonder how a government currently numbering many millions of individuals can function with little or no income strictly from a monetary standpoint. As the likelihood of the vast majority of jobs disappear and income from the jobs through income tax as well as sales tax diminishes.

I do see a transition period after the initial rollout where in the case of United States and other longtime standing governments great effort is given to monitor and account for everyone everywhere. As someone here mentioned the Olympics and the great lengths to which monitoring of the populace in and around the games have become. This is a excellent example of a otherwise reasonable government going too far in its pursuit and position of Watchdog. Given the likelihood that the majority of institutions currently in existence even with a restructuring of the intelligence agencies will be in existence on day one of the emergence of molecular nanotechnology. We should expect this technology will be used to its fullest during the transition period and indeed could carry some positive impact as everyone grows a custom to the new technology. By identifying hostile and destabilizing elements within and outside the borders of this country. Looking ahead a few months after the technology has taken seed we could continue to utilize the monitoring equipment to begin the cleanup and restoration of the country. So we have two possible impact where a negative becomes a positive.

It should be noted that for my part as I am a very small player in a very large game. Post molecular assembler I intend to get out of the way and hope for the best for everyone. I will make every effort to construct extremely large food producing facilities whether these the above or below ground or on the oceans or on the ice of the North Pole. I will also make every effort to continue researching technology and development of robotics and artificial intelligence. And I will do everything in my power to help protect and preserve all mankind.

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