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August 18, 2004


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John B

Some other suggestions:

Suggest you work with someone who knows both the issues and public speaking to help you convey your points both clearly and without causing excessive upset in your audience.

(Chris/Mike - do you folks have any talking points you might suggest people consider for such conversations?)

Once you have, make a point to bring up the technology in discussion, especially with people who'd not normally have access (via preference or other reasons) to this kind of information.

If you live in a nation with elected representatives, write to them! Tell them of your concerns and ask them to look into various problems as you see it. Take the time to write clearly - punctuation, grammar and spelling count, making you seem less of a 'wack-job' and more a concerned citizen. Better yet - a concerned citizen who /votes/. *smile*

I'd suggest CRNano think about generating some questions and/or issues for such letters. I'd mildly discourage form letters - most staffers (in the US at least) seem to be quite adept at picking out pre-genned letters, once they've seen a couple pass their desks, and merely tally them rather than directly considering them.

If you're creative, you'll probably find lots of other ways to bring the issues CRNano and other organizations have to others' attention.


Mike Deering

Television is the only way to reach the masses, and the fastest way to get the attention of leaders and policy makers is to start changing the minds of the masses.

Do the talk show circuit. Give interviews to as many local, small stations as possible, then work your way up.

Mike Deering

Our biggest problem is the almost total lack of public awareness. Don't lobby the leaders directly, they have strong defense mechanisms against this approach. rather lobby the general public through use of the mass media. Concerning media outlets, the more low-brow the better. I'm not recommending supermarket tabloids, but general audience venues are better than technical publications. Stop preaching only to the choir and start preaching to the masses. Get out of your comfort zone and start talking to people who have no idea what you are talking about. Contact the local TV stations where you live about appearing on their talk shows. Don't be put off if they treat you like a wacko and want to put you on their "parade of freaks" talk show instead of their respectable talk show for grown-ups. Just get out there and put the word out. This is what I would be doing if I had more time and money. Anyone want to sponsor me?


Well when we discuss action steps in reference to molecular manufacturing it is difficult not to be alarmist in nature but we must try. There are so many unknowns today a potential list include.

1 when will the first assembler be built
2 where and who will build the first assembler
3 will a military or civilian/corporate group build the first assembler

As their many other potentials for the list will start with these. We will also not address the technical issues with the assembler. When one discusses timelines for the first molecular assembler it is difficult not to clarify specifically the capabilities of the assembler so we will have to generalize somewhat on this point.

So from this point we will begin to make prudent and possible predictions so that we can begin to address some positive impact planning might have. As I said before we should first make the goal to increase personal freedom to all mankind. Secondly the plan for the transition to molecular manufacturing should include and should be written with the goal to have the least loss of life during this transition. Now we will begin the list of assumptions that we will make that is the state of affairs worldwide on day one of the deployment of molecular manufacturing in the form of a personal assembler.

First we will assume a general state of peace throughout the world.
Second we will assume a military group funded by the United States builds the first replicator

For purposes of this paper the date will be January 1st 2011. It is winter in the Northern Hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere. To date there are no large deployments of household robotics and no artificial intelligence has passed the turning test. The world is still based on fossil fuels for 90 percent of its power needs. A market economy continues and world trade is at its highest level in recorded history. The evening newscast lead story on all three networks will be "the assembler has arrived" this will begin one of the most important parts of transition into MM that is educating the general public and assuring that everything that can be done will be done to maintain order and personal safety to all people everywhere.

Will now discuss events leading up to January 1st 2011 based on available schematics and designs for assembler's it is likely there will be a six-month period prior to the first working replicator where the group working on the replicator will realize that the technology will work and can begin preparations for a smooth transition, cents at this point in time all pulmonary questions will have been answered and concrete planning can begin. One of the first large variables that should be addressed is the availability of products and designs for useful products. I am not that familiar with AutoCAD software but I would not be surprised that there are only three or four leading software vendors and a general outline of data formatting used within the AutoCAD software. If this is the case than a simple conversion to either a new or one of the four existing AutoCAD applications should be written and aid inventory of available products should be made. It should be noted the word useful is arbitrary given the society that will be using the product. But a general list of useful products can be outlined and inputted into the AutoCAD software and made available to those possessing the replicators.

As many of you have read my outlined in the past I will make a brief list here again. Items including kitchen utensils pots, pans, silverware, chopsticks and the like general furniture tables, chairs, and beds also should be added to the list. Also mosquito netting and things like plastic wrap and sealable containers for food would be very useful in locations around the world. Personally I would like to see designs for automobiles, trucks, trains, planes, and large shipping vessels to also be on the list as these are very complicated and involve electrical and plumbing disciplines they are perhaps less likely to be available in the beginning but effort should be given to this end. I would also like to see some form of housing to be able to be constructed weathered the a mobile home, a trailer park property, a small apartment size structure, or comfortable five room homes.

Begin in the relative short time frame from the point where the small group of builders realize they have and will have a working replicator to the point where the replicator will be ready for deployment. The software side of the equation seems less likely to be ready and capable. It is my opinion that weather all items on my about list are ready for production in the assembler's the assembler should still be deployed and made available to the general public this leeds into our first priority and goal which is to increase personal freedom.

Once again the date is January 1st 2011 is my opinion that a small 2 by 2 foot replicator can and should be mass-produced in quantities of millions. Then distributed to the general public assigning even a low-cost to this product would simply prove to make the product on available to the poorest of individuals and should be avoided given the possible instability this would cause by preventing a percentage of the group from having the technology in the beginning.

An additional issue that should be addressed is one of the possible prudent discretionary restriction that could be placed on an assembler this issue has been addressed in other papers but to clarify one would create a large database centrally located where items that will be produced in assemblers are kept in AutoCAD file format. So we're left with the issue of communicating with this database as Internet access is available throughout most of the first world many people will gain immediately from this setup. But a better more idealistic configuration would allow for each replicator to communicate via satellite link or wireless link to a secure central location and obtain the necessary files for download and creation of useful product. Another possible variable would be a general list of useful products as defined above to be included in each assembler as part of a file list included in the assembler's software protocol. Even if the list included 20,000 items and each item was a substantial file size given the likely capabilities of the molecular assembler one could assume that a small four inch hard drive or similar technology could be included with each assembler granting access to the list of useful products.

At this point we will assume the rollout is underway and tens of thousands of assemblers are being handed out the throughout the world every day. One possible scenarios that could be interesting if one was to create a advertisement for television where a few colorful individuals possessing a few assemblers show what and how things can be created. They are many 30 minutes cooking show is and promotional commercials on television today that outline the uses of a particular product weather this product is useful or not is open for discussion. But following the lines of education and information the general public it seems reasonable this media could be useful for both.

Ok at this point we have deployed millions of assemblers and have implemented continuing education on all available media. One assumption we're making in the beginning is individuals will not be able to design their own item for production in the replicators. If this were the case and the opening list of useful items did not include weaponry one could assume one's personal safety would remain relative post MM. This particular restriction is harsh but could be stabilizing if the list of available useful products was comprehensive. One might open the list of available products to additions in time and create a screening process to assure product safety and the like. This process could begin immediately or be delayed a few months to allow for complete distribution of the replicators throughout the world.

As this paper is getting rather lengthy for this media I'm going to cut my remarks short. To reiterate my statements to this point if a reasonable list of useful products is created and a replicator is deployed freely throughout the entire world and education is begun and continued post molecular assembler one can envision a relatively smooth transition. I for one and very hopeful and look forward to the future with great enthusiasm.

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