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July 06, 2004


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Janessa Ravenwood

Too slow, Chris! :-) Read this linked from InstaPundit this morning. :-)


I suppose you know one part of what I'd say; just go do science and screw worrying about those who don't want science and tech; let them try to live without it.

Of course, the alternative safe way seems to be crn's system of three ethics(what's the ethics of the administrative system?) where those who want to know and explore can do so, so long as they can't reproduce or take out what they produce from an explodable laboratory; this way, those who don't know will never know; they can just sit there with their jacked up you know whats, and their upteenth new brain repair after all the new drugs they get to blow their brains out on(and yes, those who want to stand there like statues in the largest cathedral ever concieved{this one goes to the very edge of the atmosphere!} and act like they are getting a spiritual high can also do that). O.K. I guess I can deal with that!

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