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June 01, 2004


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jim moore

Thanks for using the blog to go over your 30 questions. I am hoping that doing this will be educational for all of us.

Process suggestion: Can you label the sup-questions a.) b.) c.) it should make it easier to refer to that question.

Sub-question B.) scanning probe chemistry:
I think you should begin with something like: As of June 2004, scanning probe microscopes have not yet been successfully been used to make a diamondiod material. The achievement of this technological milestone will provide strong experimental proof for MM. (I agree with the rest of your answer.)

Chris Phoenix, CRN

Jim, I'd agree with you if anyone had tried and failed to do diamondoid.

BTW, MM does not depend on vacuum mechanosynthesis. That's only one of several ways to do programmable covalent shapes. Organic/aqueous graphene synthesis looks interesting, though I don't think anyone has really studied it for MM applications yet. But it completely bypasses all of Smalley's arguments against MM.


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