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June 26, 2004


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Well, it sounds a bit "optimistic". Every technological boom promised to solve all possible dreams. But we know really is slightly different. You can't beat the laws of physics (so far). The key question is : will nanotechnology will be able to master Energy.

Chris Phoenix, CRN

RobUx4, no one is suggesting bypassing the laws of physics. What we listed is the conservative stuff! You should see some of the products futurists come up with when they're allowed to build with diamondoid.

Very simple calculations (the laws of physics) say that when you make things smaller, the mechanical and electrostatic power density increases. Well, that implies that nano-built motors could be millions of times more powerful per volume than today's motors. Fit a car engine into a sugar cube.
See http://www.foresight.org/Nanosystems/toc.html#c2 for the calculations.

Does that count as mastering energy?


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